With a thriving career as both a contemporary jazz artist and a private pilot,  Quintin Gerard W. combines his two talents in the perfectly titled album, Cleared For Takeoff, which takes listeners on an impressive musical and thematic journey related to airplanes, flying to exotic destinations and visiting the deeper spiritual places in his heart. As a resident of Los Angeles throughout the 90’s, Quintin is especially fond of  “Roundtrip LAX,”–  the first single: a spirited mid-tempo, light funk ballad whose mystical old-school/soul-jazz vibe includes a wild George Duke-like synth solo and recalls the style of his time making music while living there. The generous 14 track set begins with actual voices from air traffic controllers on “ATC Clearance (Intro)” and includes compelling titles like “Cruisin’ on Taxi Way,” “Air Beneath Your Wings,” “Attitude Indicator,” “Latin Layover,” “Visibility Is Ten Miles,” “Candlelight Flight With Me,” “Have A Safe Flight Home”.  “I wanted Cleared For Takeoff  to not only reflect everything I love about aviation, but to be a metaphor for listeners to think about their own life’s journey.”