In 2022, Next Paradigm Records is fully committed to bringing more diversity in gender to the roster as our first TWO releases of the year will be anchored by women in the contemporary Jazz space. We are so thrilled and excited to announce our newest signing and no stranger to the format bassist Phylicia Rae. Some might know her as the wife to the mega producer and saxophonist extraordinaire Judah Sealy and others most certainly know her as the NEWEST member of the group “Jazz In Pink” headed by Gail Johnson. In addition to her explosive career developments, Phylicia Rae’s NEW single “That’s It” showcases her command of the bass with an eloquently tasteful touch. Produced and written by Jacob Webb, “That’s It” is a uptempo, head bopping gem which has all the ingredients that cook up a “Major Hit”. “That’s It” will most certainly keep the listeners on the edge of their seat until the end!