For everyone who has ever had the “Monday Blues”, this song is the perfect remedy. It’s the new Sunday night/Monday morning anthem to get your mind right and your motivation on point. The beginning soft piano launches straight into an upbeat, body moving groove that just keeps getting better through every note. Listening to this song will have you believing nothing can get you down. Philip’s euphonious composition celebrates the complimentary sounds of piano and horns that give voice to a steady beat. The “Bah, bah dah…bah, bah dah” from the keys is catchy, and by the end it’s hard to resist vocalizing these notes out loud, as if you’re a part of the melodious ensemble. Fresh music is what we’ve been craving; a break of the mundane, and this song delivers right on time. With everything we’ve been through this past year, “Monday” just might become your favorite day of the week.