Closing in on 20 years as a recording artist, saxophonist Merlon Devine delights on his latest upbeat, ultra-hipster single with a message we all need as we inch slowly towards a world post-pandemic: “Move.” The saxophonist invites us into the tight, infectious hook immediately, surrounding his punchy sax and horn textures and tight mid-tempo funk grooves with a swirl of atmosphere and cool old school sonic effects. That dynamic energy continues on the first verse, with Devine’s soulful sax playing sensually over an irresistible thumping beat. One of the most exciting aspects of the track is the unexpected moments along the sonic journey. Rather than simply go from verse straight back to the chorus, Devine creates suspenseful escalating horn lines and riffs playfully off those. Before getting back to the verse melody, he follows the second chorus with a bar of snazzy horn texturing with just the beat underneath before the expansive elements of the production kick in. Along the way, he continues to insert unexpected textured horn accents, which sometimes romp over underlying improvisations off the main sax melody.