Late Bloomin’ Jazzman, the newest album by vocalist and songwriter Mark Winkler, is an homage to growing older and all the blessings and drawbacks that come with it. The album is Winkler’s 20th CD as a leader. Each of his previous projects has received stellar reviews and consistently topped the jazz charts. Rex Reed has said, “Mark Winkler is a musical marvel and a true original! At last, a writer who sings and a singer who swings!” Winkler wrote lyrics to eight of the 12 tunes and covers a lot of personal topics on this album. He writes about his love of George Gershwin, film noir, and the songs of Rio. He also writes about losing his husband, finding love again, and about a close friend ravished by Alzheimer’s disease. Although Winkler is a popular performer and recording artist, he is also a very successful songwriter, and Late Bloomin’ Jazzman is a wonderful showcase to highlight both. To paraphrase his lyrics in “Late Bloomin’ Jazzman,” his “finest flower may finally be here.”