We’ve all heard the phrase to come “full circle.” It means to come back to where you started, for better or for worse. For Lori Williams, coming full circle is decidedly for the better. Her fifth album finds her returning to her first love, traditional jazz and it features a dynamic ensemble of Washington DC/Maryland musicians. Her heart never left it, of course. But if you’ve encountered Lori Williams before, you already know that she can sing anything-and often does. Don’t let the notion of “traditional jazz” deceive you. Full Circle isn’t a case of Williams delivering an anodyne collection of easy-picking standards. She does cover some of the jazz-repertory ground … but the “tradition” part of traditional jazz includes trying new things and taking risks, and Williams does not disappoint. The album is co-produced by Williams and jazz composer, producer, pianist and arranger Allyn Johnson, and features some of the best jazz musicians Washington, DC has to offer.