Reliably exceptional is how many would describe pianist/composer Lisa Hilton. We are almost guaranteed to be blessed with a release from her every year.  Hilton’s composing and performance could be described as existing at the fulcrum of impressionism and expressionism. The one thing all of her performances have is a heartbeat. There is no amorphous meandering in her recordings and Oasis is no exception. Hilton, when employing the standard rhythm section, as she does here with bassist Luques Curtis and drummer Mark Whitfield Jr., relies heavily on the bassist’s time and the drummer’s touch. The lone standard here, George Gershwin’s “Fascinating Rhythm,” illustrates this. Hilton is not above whimsy, allowing the trio broad latitude. Her compositions, “Twist of Fate,” “Oasis,” and “Just for Fun” are swinging-ly grounded in the beat she establishes. This is where Hilton’s charm shines brightest, making music that is original, but sounds so familiar that one could swear to have heard it before. Hilton shows no signs of slowing down or devolving in any way. And, that is a good thing.