Lisa Hilton with JD Allen, Rudy Royston, and Luques Curtis. Hilton conveys that the concept behind Chalkboard Destiny is the idea that our future, our destiny, can be continually reshaped – implying that we are not beholden by history or traditional myths, allowing us a freedom in creation. The title track, “Chalkboard Destiny”, easily exhibits this concept with Royston’s rim shots crackling for attention. Hilton shows her harmonic and emotional depth with her tender ballad, “Temporary Lullaby”, as well as the moving “Waltz From Nowhere”. The Joni Mitchell classic, “Blue Boy” showcases the compatibility of this group – Allen’s dusky tenor a contrast to his band mates. Tracks “Tropic of Tango”, “Myths & Fantasy”, and “Adventures & Alibis” all explore Latin rhythms and engaging harmonic ideas as well. “Café au Mojo”, is a bright piece where traditional ideas abound. It’s noteworthy that Grammy award winning engineers – Al Schmitt, Gavin Lurssen, Reuben Cohen, Fernando Lodeiro all contributed to the high quality soundscape. Altogether an exuberant exhibition of top notch players rallying around traditional ideas in new ways. Sounds like destiny.