On his new album, An Evening With Kevin Toney and Friends – Jazz Legacy, award-winning piano master Kevin Toney celebrates 50 acclaimed years in music with an expansive solo plus concert that captures his spirited legacy of Acoustic Jazz! He honors the genre’s early pioneers by playing jazz classics by Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Fats Waller, and Dave Brubeck. Two of his songs and two by his daughter, Dominique, showcase his extensive versatility. Kevin, a two-time Grammy nominee, exclaims, “I’m entirely uninhibited and freely pursue numerous musical avenues.” Grammy-winning producer Don Mizell, executive creative producer of the album, sums it up best, proudly proclaiming, “This Kevin Toney piano album is nothing short of a tour de force! He doesn’t really need anybody…but he’s got some stellar friends.” Recorded Live at the North Coast Repertory Theater in San Diego, the album indisputably places Toney within a setting and repertoire that solidifies his direct connection and lifelong dedication to America’s African-American-rooted indigenous musical art form. Accompanying Toney are his daughter, singer-songwriter Dominique Toney, high school friend Kamau Kenyatta playing soprano sax on one selection, and the incomparable Azar Lawrence playing tenor sax on another selection.