“Listen to The Day”, Kenny Gilkes’ second single from the album Taking It From Here is a well-balanced blend of R&B and Smooth Jazz, mixed with upbeat groves and ballads. Perfect for your new year playlist. For this album, the line-up of talented musicians includes a guest appearance by Ryan Kilgore, saxophonist for the legendary Stevie Wonder, Steve Cunningham, Marcus Williams, Chris Burroughs, and Chris Irvin. Kenny dedicated the project to the life, legacy, and memory of his mother, Virginia Wheeler. He recalls, “On a sunny day in February 2016, I was concluding my visit with her and as I was leaving she said, “Y’all gonna have to take it from here…” This album represents exactly that, realizing how short life is and pushing on to do greater things than the prior generation… living out your dreams and harvesting the best of your talent by simply making it happen.