Los Angeles, June 2021 – An abounding reunion amongst Latin-Jazz luminaries, long-time music collaborators & friends embodied a gathering in the studio with a mission to record tracks for the long-awaited new JCQ album! Freely, the music menu flourished via newly crafted Latin-Jazz interpretations of classic titles from American & Brazilian songbooks (Manhã De Carnival, Gentle Rain, Giant Steps, Beautiful Love, Song For My Father, Days of Wine & Roses, Alone Together)! Notably, this route proved enviable as the quintet embarked on producing a fresh set of seamless arrangements while unveiling the spirit of genuine collaboration. Led by JCQ’s signature guitar voice, Gentle Rain arrives intertwined with elegance & charm (feat. electric jazz guitar)! Highlighted by stellar performances from Eddie Resto (bass), Joe Rotondi (piano), Joey DeLeon (Percussion) & Aaron Serfaty (drums), this party of five is ready to check in – This time at the intersection of repertoire, heritage & kindred souls.