When Jennifer Wharton presented her trombone-powered ensemble, Bonegasm, via its self-titled debut album in 2019, she enlisted fellow trombonists John FedchockNate Mayland and Alan Ferber, along with the rhythm section of pianist Michael Eckroth, bassist Evan Gregor and drummer Don Peretz. The overwhelming response to Bonegasm’s music was astounding, cementing Wharton’s assertion that this assemblage was no flash in the pan but an important exponent of shaping the trombone’s primacy in jazz music. Bonegasm’s new recording, Not a Novelty, wears its intentions on its sleeve, or perhaps more appropriately, tattooed on its arm. Trying to break the tradition of the bass trombone’s relegation to supportive roles in most ensembles, Wharton demanded that the pieces commissioned for Bonegasm feature the bigger horn in some fashion; she was impressed by what composers and arrangers could do when they used their imaginations. Wharton looks at Not a Novelty as a needed return. Not only did she productively utilize the time that an unprecedented circumstance (covid) presented to her, but she also took the opportunity to promote the advancement of trombone led music in the jazz canon, a task that should be celebrated and not just by “unicorns”.