Jawanza Kobie brings his incredible composing skills to bear on an array of styles and flavors that showcase his knowledge, skills and his influences which include notable jazz greats from Oscar Peterson and Ramsey Lewis, to Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea, along with Rock and Motown legends. All of those influences and more worked their way into his mind and heart, and can be heard on Jawanza Kobie Jazz Composer. Jawanza writes not only straight-ahead Jazz, but also writes convincingly in so many subcategories of Jazz as well. This first single “Imagine That” featuring SJ mainstay, guitarist and hit-maker Nils reveals just how well he plays with others! The entire album shows that Jawanza Kobie can write for so many instruments and voices and do it brilliantly. He has always wanted to be known as a composer more than a performer, and this album allows exactly that. As always, Jawanza’s skills and talents give him to ability to express his heart and soul. He is an intelligent man, a kind man, and even if you don’t know him yet, you will after this album.