“The title of my new recording “In Paradise” was purely inspired by the events of the pandemic during the last year and a half,” reflects Guitarist Gregory Goodloe “People and life itself became more important to me than ever. I learned that life is so fragile and delicate and how much people matter to one each other. I wanted to write a song that reflects on the beauty of life and the joy of experiencing it through music. The focus during the making of “In Paradise” was my concept of living life free of fear and sadness. I would imagine playing music on a sandy beach in front of a beautiful ocean surrounded with tropical trees and exotic plants and animals forgetting all worries and focusing on creating beautiful music that everyone can enjoy. On November 5, 2021, J.A.C. Music LLC & Hip Jazz Records will release Gregory Goodloe’s single “In Paradise” the smooth & soulful melody of Goodloe and Canady’s collaboration is sure to get you off of your feet, start a line dance and everyone can join in and enjoy its groove.