An unrepentant romantic, Turkish-American pianist-composer-arranger Fahir Atakoğlu is all-in For Love on his 18th album as a leader. A visionary undertaking that blends musical elements from Turkey, Spain, Italy, the Middle East, Cuba and Brazil while revealing touches of American jazz in the freewheeling improvisations heard throughout, For Love also carries the majestic sweep of symphonic polyphony in Fahir’s stirring string orchestrations. With world-class musicians in American saxophonist Bob Franceschini, Canadian bassist Alain Caron, Turkish percussionist Mustafa Boztuy and Cuban drumming marvel Horacio “El Negro” HernandezFor Love also features an international cast of vocalists in Spain’s Buika, Brazil’s Luciana Souza, Italy’s Letizia Gambi and American rising star jazz singer Aimée Allen, each contributing lyrics while singing in her native tongue.