Erica Seguine and Shon Baker are excited to announce the release of their prolific new recording, The New Days Bends Light, due out March 31, 2023. Since 2011, ensemble co-founders Seguine and Baker have maintained a visceral grasp of singularity through their shared compositional ingenuity and earnest comprehension of sound as energy. In the populous and ever-growing contemporary big band jazz scene, Erica Seguine​|Shon Baker Orchestra distinguishes itself as an astute harmonic force with a boundless ability to transpose emotions and experiences within highly nuanced and melodic sonic atmospheres.
Seven acute arrangements make up The New Day Bends Lighteach grappling with an array of intimate and enthralling human experiences that inspire and heal listeners. “Each composition on this album is an inner world we invite you to immerse yourself in: some joyous, some into areas considered ‘taboo’ in the real world or psychological places you may actively avoid, while others invite you to take perspective, to make meaning out of murkiness, and hopefully, to find some messy form of healing,” the collaborators share.