Love for Sailin’ Over Seas: Then & Now begins with two songs recorded on 5 July 2021 at the 1332 Recording Studio, in Berkeley, CA. Abbey Lincoln’s I Got Thunder [and it Rings] features Romero Lubambo on a masterfully energetic guitar solo. I’ll String Along with You begins with graceful counterpoint harmonies, again featuring the mellifluous Romero on guitar. Marcos Silva fashioned these arrangements based on Dee’s ideas and put together a crew of Brazilian music experts. To complete the sound, Marcos plays electric piano/ synthesizer, Scott Thompson plays electric bass, and Celso Alberti plays drums to back Dee Bell’s vocals. This is the “Now“ part of the CD. It was a joyfully inspired session engineered by Alberto Hernandez. “Then” is a compilation from three previous Laser Records albums. Harvest Moon, Beijo Partido [Broken Kiss], and The Face I Love were released on Silva.Bell.Elation in 2014, By Chance [Dee’s translated prose] and Bosa Nova were part of the Lins, Lennox, & Life release in 2018; You’re My Thrill, You Can’t Go Home Again [Dee’s lyrics], and Watch What Happens were part of the Sagacious Grace historic release, recorded in 1990, with misplaced microphone issues resolved in 2011 by the late Bud Spangler and Dan Feiszli.