An international fusion of Danny Lerman Jazz and Miami flavored Latin Dance rhythms with hot brass hooks.  Co-Written by a Mexican, Venezuelan, Chilean and an American. This one will make you move. “Pepper Hot” is a particularly catchy tune with a memorable rhythmic melody and a lot of colorful textures behind the saxophonist. Personnel: Written by Danny Lerman/Ron DeJesus Gabriel Hernandez/Leonardo Cardozo Anibal Maximiliano. Produced by Tal Bergman, Co-Produced by Fred Kron. Tenor Sax: Danny Lerman, Drums: Tal Bergman, Keyboards / Arranging / Horn Arrangement / Synth Bass / Piano Solo: Fred Kron Guitars & Bass: Ron DeJesus, Percussion: Richie Gajate Garcia, Trumpets: Jamie Hovorka