Saxophonist Danny Lerman is back with a follow up to the title track from his newest album, Night Rider. “I Miss You” is about having someone, about losing them, longing, what it is you like about them and are looking for and what’s important to you. He keeps the sentimentality front and center by emphasizing sweet soft lows sometimes reaching high and falling back to earth. Such is life. Like Charlie Parker says, you have to live it to play it. Lerman says, “I started writing the song years ago and with further life experiences I finished the lyrics. I imagined the song performed around a campfire, with a cajon player, acoustic guitar, and fire. A campfire groove that is led by the Cajon propelling the rhythm with a catchy sampled vocal intro and joyous yet longing soprano saxophone lines from extreme lows to mountainous highs, echoing the sentimentality of life.” The Cajon and the guitar lead the rhythm and producer Tal Bergman came up with the vocal intro that catches you by surprise at the beginning and the end.