Perfectly in line with the album title concept, the songs on Prisma roll out with a burst of joyful, easy-going melodies, exquisite acoustic guitar performances and a multitude of colorful harmonic textures. The set opens with the title track, a showcase for Girón’s intricate finger work, which flows gracefully over a bed of light percussion. It also includes a spirited Fender Rhodes solo and an explosive trumpet improvisational section by Jackson Harp. On the beautiful, sensual ballad “Shadows of Blue,” the guitarist surrounds his gentle melody with the caressing harmony and solo of Teregulov’s cello, Harp’s trumpet and Chuchito Valdes’ lush and romantic acoustic piano solo. Valdes also appears on the up-tempo, polyrhythmic “My Rumba,” which swirls Girón’s snappy guitar melody, with Harp’s bright trumpet harmonies and a subtle, dancing cello. Another highlight is a bright Latin jazz re-imagining of Michael Jackson’s classic “Another Part of Me,” an explosive ensemble jam – featuring female vocals on the hook – that allows Girón to let loose and tap into his passions for a multitude of genres, including pop and rock.