The appropriate and timely title of saxophonist Charley Langer’s lively, infectiously grooving new collaboration with guitarist/producer Nils – between the mandated quarantine and all that has defined the year of the pandemic – we’ve all been craving “Reconnection” for a long time. We’ve longed for reconnection with loved ones, our former social lives, our cherished activities, and day-to-day realities we now no longer take for granted. For Charley, the concept of “Reconnection” goes deeper. The recent tragedy in his hometown of Boulder led him to profoundly reconnect with childhood friends, classmates, teachers, neighbors, and others that shaped his life. “Who would have thought that love would overcome hate and that light would obliterate darkness?” The track’s uplifting, sassy sparkle, with its vibrant horn texture, especially that intensely emotional moment where Charley fires up a wild improvisation, combine to create a forward-thinking mood that can help us transcend the darkness and uncertainty and embrace the proverbial impending light at the end of the tunnel. So, as you enjoy the title song to his upcoming new album Reconnection, be thinking of those silver linings and, if so inclined, take some time to reconnect with family and friends, reconnect with music and art, and with one’s own self.