Charles Moorer is making a mark with his smooth, silky and infectious fusion of gospel and contemporary urban jazz. Anchored by Moorer’s sweet, warmhearted, yet powerful funky bass jamming, “Keeper of My Soul” can be appreciated for its heartfelt sharing of the Gospel message yet sets itself apart from most albums in the genre with its incorporation of urban jazz vibes and explosive performances by an array of contemporary jazz greats. The hypnotic opening bars of “Keeper of My Soul” remind us that this uplifting and funky bass driven music is equally appealing to people of faith and secular audiences alike. After the intro, the track continues with dreamy atmospheres inflected with Johnny Britt’s inimitable flugelhorn, Chuck as bass lead steps forward to deliver the emotional, infectious chorus that emphasizes producer Nils’ smooth guitar and production work and more of Forman’s dynamic piano improvisations as well.