Like veteran genre artists Kirk Whalum and Jonathan Butler, bassist and vocalist Chuck Moorer has mastered the art of creating a easy flowing and ultra-infectious fusion of gospel and contemporary urban jazz that wows folks of faith and secular audiences alike. The title of his latest single, the emotional and sweetly melodic ballad “Divine Direction,” is a breezy, in the pocket, soulful smooth jazz track. His funky mad skills on the bass are on full display as the lead melodic voice on the mostly instrumental track. Though he’s vibing brilliantly with top name guest genre artists – Marion Meadows (sax), Nils (production and rhythm guitar), Gorden Campbell (drums), Oliver C. Brown (percussion), Jay Rowe (keys) and Johnny Britt (background vocals) – they hold their star power back, mostly serving as tasteful harmonic support, caressing his dreamy vocals and moody, rhythmic bass with a slight caress of cool ambience. The lone exception is Meadows, who opens the track with his trademark lyrical soprano, creates a beautiful duality with the bass for a few bars midway and later adds a lush, soaring soprano solo. True to its concept, “Divine Direction” is a sweet little miracle of a track that feels divinely inspired from start to finish!