Calling themselves Canelita Sabrosa (tasty cinnamon in Spanish), a group of Georgia-based musical chameleons have cooked up a delectable menu of Global Music influenced, Latin Jazz & Salsa groove songs on a debut album that shows off a playful side: a mixture of bossa nova sweet sophistication and street party samba. With 11 Grammys between them, producer Dru Castro (5) and mixer engineer Ralph Cacciurri (4) teamed up with co-producer and electric guitarist Julio Miranda (2) to bring the eclectic sound of Canelita Sabrosa to life in Atlanta’s Parhelion Studios. Like their name implies, Canelita Sabrosa incorporates elements of various music styles naturally, which is why you will hear Santana-inspired guitar solos, Chicago sax solos, old-school Tito Puente and newer-school Luaka Bop-esque grooving as well as Ruben Blades/Caetano Veloso-like arrangements that cross-pollinate Cuban, Brazilian and Caribbean sounds.