Multiple-Grammy winner Bob James achieves his longtime ambition to return to the trio format he embraced as an up-and-coming artist. Aside from a couple of worthy covers, the rest of the tunes, penned by James, reflect the same inventiveness and musical fluency that persuaded Quincy Jones to become his mentor and champion back in 1963. “Submarine” the first single to be released, is a great example of James’ classic sound paying tribute to 1974’s Nautilus, while perfectly blending in the fresh, complex and rich textures of Espresso. His expressiveness through both writing and performance permeates the rocking minor-key blues of “Bulgogi,” the definitive cool jazz of “Topside,” the whispered beauty of “Promenade,” the turbulent, more complex yet supremely listenable “Mojito Ride” and every other moment on Espresso.