Andy James is a spontaneous party wherever she goes, and the best of the best are always crossing the velvet rope to stop by and play! Alex Acuña, Marvin “Smitty” Smith, Michael Dease, Terell Stafford, Rick Margitza and Chris Colangelo all contribute incredibly beautiful genius to this, Andy’s third LP release, Blue. Music Director, Bill Cunliffe, correspondingly pulls another rabbit out of the hat this go ’round; he is the perfect tonic for Andy James’s smoky knowing sound, bringing every nuance effervescently to the listener. Terell Stafford always provides a steamy swagger, then each of these impressive greats has a chance to speak and make you just about to lose your mind – Rick Margitza, Michael Dease, Jake Langley, Chris Colangelo and Brandon Fields with Bill Cunliffe as the Engineer of this freight train of talent! This is an old school record chock-full of smoke, sex, thirst, and craving.