Acclaimed guitarist Alex Wintz is pleased to announce the release of Live to Tape, a follow-up to his lauded debut LifeCycle. The album juxtaposes a modern musical approach with the recording techniques of the Blue Note era. Tracked in one session directly to tape, the resulting seven pieces display Wintz’s approach to the quintessential guitar trio format. Accompanying him on this record is the steadfast rhythm section of drummer Jimmy Macbride and bassist Dave BaronLive to Tape documents a trio with years of familiarity at its most relaxed and spontaneous. On Live to Tape, Wintz and his trio explore some of the most exciting sounds of the past and present; a modern celebration of the hallmark recordings that had a large impact on the guitarist’s musical upbringing. Among the tracks on this new recording are an acoustic reframing of a Herbie Hancock electronic classic, a new take on a Great American Songbook standard, and four new original works by Wintz highlighting his evolution as a composer.