Long before Bob Dylan and Paul Simon hit a societal raw nerve through their protest songs of the 1960s, Jazz had long established itself as arguably the first activist music – becoming the poster child for emancipation and liberty along the way. Such is its power that totalitarian regimes similar as North Korea sought to ban it and jail musicians who ventured into its orbit. At this strange point in our western democratic history, where one by one, our freedoms are being eroded, it is good to remind ourselves of the genesis of Jazz – as an expression of Freedom. In this spirit, we conjure once again the activist roots inherent in the artform, in order to celebrate and protect our hard-won freedoms. We shall never be silenced. Guitars: Albert Dadon aka Albare, Piano: Phil Turcio, Flugelhorn and Trumpet: Randy Brecker, Alto and Tenor sax: Ada Rovatti,  Bass: Phil Rex, Drums: Felix Bloxom.