With the release of Al DeGregoris’ buoyant, funked out and perfect for a fun and carefree summer soundtrack single “Road Trip,” the multi-talented pianist composer extends two dynamic aspects of his nearly 15-year recording career. First, the track, featuring his dazzling melodic ivory energy and feisty, percussive brass harmonies and accents, is yet another powerhouse collaboration with legendary keyboardist/producer Jeff Lorber, who is billed as a featured guest. Lorber has been part of DeGregoris’ sonic aesthetic since the pianist’s 2014 album All in Good Time. The perfectly titled “Road Trip” is the lead single from Timeline – which will be DeGregoris’ fifth album with the word “time” in the title. Suffice to say that when you listen to his infectious, wildly dancing melody, whimsical improvisations and those rising horns, and get sucked into the tight grooves on “Road Trip,” you’ll be too caught up in the exuberance and joy to much care about the passing of time.