Contemporary keyboardist, Al DeGregoris is back with his latest project – this time with legendary producer/composer/keyboardist Jeff Lorber at the helm! Tight, brassy and retro cool beyond any of his previous releases, DeGregoris’ new album Time Sensitive showcases the dynamic chemistry he’s created the fusion legend more than ever before. The two began collaborating musically years ago, but this is the first time that every track was co-written and produced by Lorber. The result is pure melodic magic, non-stop energetic funk exuberance, driven by the wild, adventurous intertwining of their keyboards, starting with the opening track and lead single “Cookie Jar”, with guitarist Paul Jackson Jr. also lending his considerable talents to the track. True to its whimsical title, “Cookie Jar” is relentlessly playful, a groovestomping jam that rolls with a bouncy bass bottom and a simmering horn section created by David Mann. Lorber has clearly imparted his passion for old school keyboard sounds to DeGregoris, who jams brilliantly on them before exploring the deeper, jazzier soul of the track with a highly improvisational acoustic piano section. A truly uplifting tune set for release at a time when our collective spirits most need it, “Cookie Jar” is a non-stop retro funkfest performed by two masterful keyboard talents.