The longstanding creatively intuitive partnership between pianist & composer Al DeGregoris and legendary keyboardist & producer Jeff Lorber, is so dynamic and seamless that the duo works their vibrant, whimsical, tightly grooving magic once again on “Bayou” – the second lead single from DeGregoris’ upcoming Timeline collection. While DeGregoris’ previous single “Road Trip” had punchy, soulful brass accents, “Bayou” adds a power-packed element to the established piano/synth with the intense, soaring energy of guest saxophonist Eric Marienthal. The sax comes in around DeGregoris’ lively, sparkling melody, sometimes as prelude, often to bounce off the piano lines to passionately underscore and emphasize the emotion. Though DeGregoris gets his share of piano-only lead melody and solo time, the heart and main thrust of the track is the sweeping duality he creates with the sax. Marienthal also takes a takes a funked up improvisational solo over Lorber’s classic simmering old school keys. It’s another triumphant jam for the DeGregoris-Lorber juggernaut, powered along with Mark Lettieri’s fiery guitar and the steady rhythms of drummer Gary Novak.