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The New World 'n' Jazz Philosophy

New World 'n' Jazz is a full-service marketing, promotion, and consulting company for the Jazz, Smooth Jazz, and World Music formats. We work with over 1,000 radio stations in the United States and Canada to make sure you get the highest amount of coverage possible. An effective and thorough radio promotion campaign is the key to your success. A successful radio promotion effort helps generate sales—when consumers hear your music on the radio and decide they like it, they will be likely to purchase your album. Thus, it is our philosophy that the more your music is heard, the more successful your project will be. Our goal is your success.

How We Handle Your Promotional Campaign

New World 'n' Jazz puts together a unique promotional campaign that fits your needs. First, we carefully evaluate your album and tailor an approach to promoting your project. Then we continuously follow up with key radio stations in key markets, and track the progress of your project.

Although we are in weekly contact with a vast number of stations, we focus on specific stations that report to the JazzWeek, Radio & Records, and CMJ Network charts. This tactic gives your project the highest possible visibility, which increases awareness about your album within the industry.

Here are the specific steps we take:

  • Pre-Sell : We start promoting your project before the radio programmers even receive it in the mail. This advance notice allows the radio programmers to receive all of the pertinent information about your album. This allows them to add your album to the station's rotation as soon as it's received.

  • Project Coordination : We coordinate your project's ship and add dates so that your CD will have the greatest possiblity of making an impact on the charts in trade magazines.

  • Air-Play Increase : After a station adds your album, we focus on increasing the frequency of your air-play. The more a reporting station plays your music, the better chance it has to climb the charts. We continuously work with stations and encourage them to increase the frequency in which your project is played on their station.

  • Additional Promotion : Additional promotion efforts include the coordination of giveaways, tour dates, interviews, station ID's, album features, and special station promotions.

  • Project Maintenance : After your project peaks we go into the maintenance period, where we continue to track your album to make sure it gets the longest possible exposure.

What We Provide You With

For your convenience, we will provide you with a weekly tracking report. In a no-nonsense way, this report will outline your project's progress throughout the country.

The most important thing we provide you with is our hard work, our integrity, our commitment to our clients, and our industry-wide reputation. We have spent years developing strong relationships with the people that program the radio stations. We are your liaison.

How You Can Start a New Project With Us

If you are interested in starting a new project with New World 'n' Jazz, please send your CD by mail to Neal Sapper and Matt Hughes. For their current mailing addresses, please see the contacts page.

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