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West Coast Office of New World 'n' Jazz

Neal SapperNeal Sapper, President of New World 'n' Jazz
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California
Inspirations: Neal has always had a passion for music. He was first exposed to the business side of music when he started working for National Record Mart at the age of 14. Later, while pursuing graduate work in clinical psychology, he learned how valuable interpersonal relationship skills are for the success of a business. His decision to create New World 'n' Jazz allowed him to merge his passion for music with the people skills he had gained through his education and work in psychology. Neal's hard work has made New World 'n' Jazz extremely successful, and has caused him to receive the prestigious Gavin Award for the Jazz and Smooth Jazz Independent Promotion Person of the Year in 1995, 1996, 2000, & 2001. This is the industry's highest honor for independent promotion. In June of 2002, Neal delivered the Keynote Address (Text Here, Audio Here) at the first annual JazzWeek Summit in Rochester NY.
Professional experience: Consulting Business, 1978-1986; Vice President of Promotions for Global Pacific Records from 1986 - 1992; President of New World 'n' Jazz from 1992 - present.


East Coast Office of New World 'n' Jazz

Matt HughesMatt Hughes, Director for National Promotions of New World 'n' Jazz
Location: Jersey Shore Area, New Jersey
Inspirations: Matt has loved music since he began studying the trumpet and clarinet in 3rd grade. He was interested in music throughout his life, but he gained his real appreciation for music theory and the music business while in college. He began working with radio in 1984, and was one of the first people to implement the NAC format (at the time it was called Contemporary Jazz). He quickly discovered that his love for music and appreciation for business made promotion a perfect career for him. His talent and hard work have played a large role in the success of New World 'n' Jazz, especially in the World Music Division. Matt is also an avid Digital Photographer!
Professional experience: Music Reviewer for the MAC Report 1990-1991, Music Director and Program Director from 1984 - 1996; Director for National Promotions at New World 'n' Jazz from 1996 - present.

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